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Turn Your Thoughts Into Gold

Thoughts flow like a stream. Never ending with no knowing where they came from and once gone who knows where they go? In times gone past men got rich panning gold from streams of old. A stream of clear water passing over indistinct rocks panned through a sieve yielding untold riches. Think of your thoughts as the stream of today. In the moment you see them and sometimes wonder where they came from and where they are going to. Thoughts like clear water over indistinct rocks. In your thoughts are your gold to make riches with a little panning on your part. Your pan is your pen or your keyboard of choice. Take it up gather some thoughts and sort out to collect your little grains of gold.

Work away on this and as you collect each golden thought see how you improve at finding more. Those you have collected melt together to form a new wealth for you and the new ones you pan are bigger and better until one day your masterpiece is writ. Never look too hard but let your pen work over all the thoughts that flow and put on to paper the insight that is yours. Read it back and see what you like and anything that sparkles you share with the world to show off your treasure. Perhaps on occasion some fool’s gold gets through but don’t let this slow you down. Nobody became a master without first being a fool.

Sometimes great writers are complimented on a powerful piece of prose. They are told they must have been inspired at the moment they put these words to paper. Usually they reply those words took months or years of crafting. They panned and they penned, they moulded and melted and kept looking until that second of sparkle that captured their senses. Now it is perfect and ready to share.

As in times of old you can learn from great penners how to capture your gold, melt it, shape it, conjure great nuggets and how best to sell it. Get penning yourself and improvement will come and along with it you will know the questions to ask for the next stream you try. Out of nothing you will craft great stories lovers of gold want to wear. When asked where this great finery comes from you give a knowing wink and tell them you just found it there.

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