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Stop Excessive Blushing – How Hypnosis Reduces the Blush Response

If you want to stop blushing but your anti-blush attempts have fallen short, you may want to consider thought processes as a solution. You can quit the flush of color to your face, ears and neck by using your mind. The first step is to learn more about the blush response.

The Blush Response

Your tendency to blush is a normal, healthy response that is typically associated with embarrassment. However, if you have excessive blushing, you may turn red without warning and seemingly without reason. This is because your subconscious mind is setting off the physical response.

The physical components of the blush response are simple. A thought triggers an emotion that triggers adrenaline into your system. The adrenaline rush causes a flush of blood to enter the surface of the skin. This makes the skin turn red, especially in the face, neck and ears.

Excessive Flush of Color

An excessive blushing problem can be troublesome because it is so pronounced. People may have made comments about your turning red and this just leads to more blushes in the future. You have difficulty because as you try to stop blushing, you blush even more.

When your blush response is troublesome, it can significantly interfere with your life then it is time to seek help. You can find the help you need in your own mind and the perfect support is self-hypnosis. This approach is ideal for dealing with excessive blushing.

Subconscious Blushes

Consider the reasons that a person blushes. For most people, the redness is a direct response to a specific event. They may feel embarrassed, angry, amorous or similar strong emotions. The body responds by sending adrenaline and the capillaries in the affected areas open to release more blood.

This is a perfectly normal physical response that automatically occurs in certain situations. However, your blushes are quite different because they can occur anytime, anywhere for no reason but there is a reason. Your subconscious mind is setting up the sequence.

How Hypnosis Helps You Stop Blushing

Even though the blush response is automatic and involuntary, you do have control over it. You can control blushes that stem from your subconscious mind by addressing the subconscious directly. The most effective way to do this is through self-hypnosis. This approach helps you gain control and stop blushing automatically.

The hypnotic state is relaxed as your subconscious mind opens itself to suggestion. This realm of the mind is mysterious but this doesn’t mean that you have no influence over it. Taking time to explore self-hypnosis can pay off in the end.

Your thoughts and emotions function on a conscious level but the subconscious mind is a major influence on your core beliefs and on your conscious thought processes. Instead of trying to fight the blush response, you can stop blushing by communicating directly with the subconscious mind.

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