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What CEO’S Don’t Want You to Know

Their biggest fear! The answer may shock you. The number one reason: Getting found out that they aren’t as competent as they’d like you to think; that their employees might find out they were flawed. In other words, THEY ARE NOT ENOUGH.

* Does this sound true for you?

* Do you fear that someone might pull your covers and find out you aren’t all that?

* Do you see how it’s prevented you from opportunities in your life?

What a horrible burden to put on ourselves to TRY TO APPEAR as “all knowing”. When you approach a task from that angle it doesn’t give you any room for growth. The fear of not being enough can feel overwhelming and paralyzing. The fear of inadequacy can feel like you are suffocating. The concept of admitting we don’t know it all is too much for a lot of people to handle. TRY USING responses like “let me do some more research and I’ll get back to you” or “that’s a good question, let me get back to you”. When these kinds of responses are given don’t you have more respect for the person who gave them?

These feelings of not enough or perfectionism were taught to us at sometime in our lives. Do you remember when you heard this MYTH? I’ll speak for myself and tell you my experience. When I heard over and over again from my mother who would say to me how inarticulate and stupid I sounded when I spoke that I reached the point of where I just didn’t want to open up my mouth for the fear of being criticized and put down. I rejected my thoughts and my ideas because I didn’t want to give ANYONE the opportunity to embarrass or shame me. Do you see how self-destructive this was? It literally stunted my growth. WHAT ARE YOU REJECTING FOR BECAUSE OF A MYTH? While I am now praised for my voice, articulations and ability to present myself I still wonder if my mother was right. I have make sure that MYTH does not interfere with my success today. At times I find myself running away or avoiding without even knowing that that’s what’s going on. I know for me this is another opportunity for me to grow.

No one can tell me I am not enough if I don’t allow THEM to. I am plenty. I am enough and I am a work in progress just like everyone else.

Can you practice these words for yourself?

Today, remind yourself you are perfect and you are enough. It may feel uncomfortable at first (because it’s a new and different from the tracks that are already running in your head), but the more you practice this dialogue the deeper it will be embedded in your subconscious and IT IS ONE MORE MYTH YOU HAVE SLAYED.

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