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Dealing With Strange Problems Like a Hero

In the bank where I had my most important accounts I had a serious enemy who was in love with me. He did everything he could to make me pay attention to his existence by causing problems and complications whenever I was in the bank. He was always trying to make me fight with him, and this way give him the chance to approach me, without showing me that this was what he wanted.

The same tactic was used by many other men in other banks, and everywhere where I used to go.

I had many enemies everywhere, who wanted to possess me because I was attractive, even though I clearly showed them that I was not interested on having a relationship with anyone. One of them even stole money from my account to provoke a scandal.

I accused this very arrogant admirer, talking with the manager about his behavior. This hypocrite admirer was the bank’s vice president. He pretended to be totally innocent when I clearly condemned him because he was torturing me for causing problems on purpose. He was a big actor. He acted as if I was offending him, while he was a respectful married man.

He was a ridiculous coward. He acted as if my accusations had no meaning at all. We tried to show me that I was crazy and this is why I believed that a respectful gentleman like him could ever do anything to cause me problems for some reason.

The manager was a big actor too. He smiled when I told him that the vice president was causing me problems because he was trying to enter into contact with me. He told me that he couldn’t put the vice-president in the closet to make him stop bothering me.

The bank’s manager was another one of the vice president’s culprits. The entire bank was part of his theater. Everyone had a role in his show every time I would go to this bank.

Exactly when the manager told me that he couldn’t keep the vice-president in the closed to protect me, a certain employee was near him (because he supposedly wanted to ask something to the manager) and he laughed with what he heard. My problem was very funny.

I seemed to be a silly woman who was merely imagining that serious people like the bank’s manager and the vice president could do something on purpose, just to make me approach the vice president.

Many other men did horrible things against me, trying to make me fight with them. This tactic was used by all men, without exceptions. Nobody was friendly or helpful. They had to be indifferent, and attack me, so that I would approach them because I wanted to talk to them and complain about something, while they would be covered, without exposing themselves.

I understood that I had no hope to be taken seriously. How could I prove that all these cowards were causing me various problems on purpose because they wanted to have the chance to approach me, without exposing their ego? They didn’t have the dignity to be sincere. They didn’t know the meaning of the word ‘dignity’.

I was a big victim of the cruelty of many absurd men who didn’t respect my human rights and my preferences. I wanted to live alone like a nun and have the time to help others by translating their dreams for them and providing them with psychotherapy. I also had to work in a store, besides keeping my house, and besides being a mother who always had to go to her son’s school for one reason or another.

My son was a bad student. He didn’t look like me and his father. He had his own personality. My son was always doing something wrong in the classroom because ‘another boy’ did something else before, and my son was always blamed for whatever would happen in the class (even when he was ‘totally innocent’) because he was famous for creating problems. Other times, I had to go to the school because he broke something ‘by mistake’, or he did something else ‘by mistake’. He was good only on sports and music. He received many medals on tennis and he was a great pianist, but he hated the school lessons.

I had to face all problems alone because I didn’t have a husband. Nobody respected my rights, and nobody defended me.

My own family never believed me whenever I would tell them my adventures because I was attractive, and many men were always trying to make me fall into their traps. They believed that I was imagining things, and I had no way to prove anything to anyone. Or, they would merely laugh. My problem was very funny. Even if I was bothered by many suitors, I should be glad because they were showing me that they wanted me.

When I started working online (in 2007) I saw that exactly the same problem I had offline, started happening to me online. I couldn’t believe that so many men from different countries would care about me, since I was in Greece, so far away from them. However, I had many enemies who caused me many problems online with the intention to enter into contact with me.

My first enemy was a powerful American internet marketer. My second enemy was a Canadian editor. My third enemy was the owner of a very important website. He was American. He was my worst enemy. He caused me so many problems that I had to urgently go to the technician three times and try to save my laptop. He kept cutting my connection; he caused numerous unexplained damages at my websites. I passed through hell because of this crazy American, but nobody helped me.

I had to go to the Greek police and look for protection to make him understand that he was a cruel monster and I was a big victim of his financial power. However, I couldn’t prove anything against him because he was well-protected by his money and his social position.

This third enemy tortured me online from 2007 until 2009, when my father died and I traveled to Brazil for his funeral. This crazy American had serious psychological problems, but he fell in love with me and he understood that I could cure him. This man wanted to force me to have a relationship with him. He was the worst enemy I ever had.

I believed that I could prove everything he did against me, everything that the Canadian editor did, and everything that many others had done against me online, because everything is written online. It was a simple matter to identify my enemies online and prove that they were doing many things against me on purpose. This is something I couldn’t do offline.

However, I knew that they would pay everyone and in the end, I wouldn’t be able to prove anything against my powerful enemies.

Besides already knowing that this was a waste of time, I had to face everything as if I was an ignorant person and I believed that I had the chance to find justice. This was another part of God’s plan for the elimination of craziness and terror on Earth. Everything was part of this complicated plan.

I went five times to the police, asking for protection. I never found the right responsible for this matter. Each officer gave me a different suggestion.

I visited three lawyers trying to find a solution. However, nobody helped me because they were accepting money from my enemies, besides being indifferent.

The lawyers wanted a lot of money in advance to pay attention to my case, without giving me any guarantee that my case would be accepted by the judge, and would really be judged.

One of them told me (in a hurry) that I only had to pay him 300 Euros and he would defend me in a court, if the judge would accept the case. I tried to tell him the problem I had, but he interrupted me, telling me that my problem didn’t matter. He didn’t want to learn if I had killed someone, if I had stolen something. If I was innocent or guilty was an irrelevant detail.

He would defend me in any case, even if I was the worst monster of the planet and I had committed barbarous crimes. I only had to pay him the amount he was asking for, and wait. He would simply play with the laws, and write many excuses.

He didn’t mind defending a murderer, or destroying the life of an innocent person because he was an incompetent lawyer. All customers were welcome, without exceptions and without explanations.

My friends and relatives didn’t help me in any way. Everyone told me that they didn’t know how to help me, and everybody simply abandoned me alone with this strange problem. Even people who were saved from despair thanks to my generosity with them and had the moral obligation to do everything they could for me, simply abandoned me, without trying to do something for me. I was totally alone in this situation.

I looked for proof that I was attacked by many men also offline, and I found certain documents that could prove many things.

However, the police officer didn’t want to keep these documents because he would have to examine each one and this was too time consuming. He even told me that he would have to delay a lot examining all that stuff. Therefore, he concluded that these documents couldn’t help me in any way, without examining them. He had no time to analyze this content and send it to the judge.

The Greek police answered my requests of verification of what was going on in my computer only two years later, telling me that they couldn’t examine my computer because it was something personal. I told them that I allowed them to examine it so that they could find clear proof that many man were causing damages to my online business. These men were crazy and they wanted to find a way to approach me, besides our geographical distance.

However, the police office simple called the technician who knew that I was a victim of strange attacks, which had almost ruined my computer, and also a certain friend I had helped when his wife had committed suicide by translating his dreams for him, because I had asked him to help me find a webmaster I could trust. I told him my problem when I was desperate facing the attacks of the crazy American online.

He worked with computers. However, he didn’t help me.

This friend and the technician had to go to the police station as my testimonials and declare that yes, they knew that I was a victim of strange attacks online, so that this case could be ‘legally closed’.

My two testimonials confirmed that I was suffering as a victim of strange attacks when they were invited to do so, but the police refused to examine my computer and discover those who were attacking me because according to various laws, they didn’t have the right to investigate my property.

I kept all the papers they gave me explaining why they couldn’t help me in any way.

My crazy online enemies make me spend more than 50 thousand Euros to correct the damages they caused, but nobody paid me back. Everyone would attack me, and simply abandon me bleeding after verifying that it was impossible to force me to do what they wanted me to. Nobody had any dignity. Nobody gave me a cent after trying to destroy me, even when they recognized their absurdity after all my explanations. I tried to talk to them.

It was useless. They were monsters.

Of course, I didn’t want to put anyone in jail. Our sadistic prisons are as absurd and cruel as the guillotine. I only wanted to have my money back.

However, I had no hope to be respected and protected by anyone. I couldn’t oblige my enemies to do anything for me, even if I would explain that I wouldn’t denounce them. They could simply give me money anonymously, or help me in other ways, without appearing and exposing themselves.

However, they didn’t have a human conscience. They simply abandoned me bleeding after being a victim of their absurdity.

My position was simply ridiculous.

I was saved by people who had no obligation to help me in any way. Those who owed me their sanity didn’t try to do anything to help me when I was in trouble.

All my patients were selfish and ungrateful. Only when I was helping them they thanked me numerous times, promising that they would help me in any way they could in the future. When I needed their support because I couldn’t find a trustful webmaster who wouldn’t accept money from my enemies to cause me problems, nobody tried to help me.

Besides being indifferent to my pain, my relatives and friends were afraid of my enemies. Perhaps my enemies offered them money too, and they were very skeptical.

Who would refuse a lot of money in exchange for abandoning a woman with a serious problem without helping her?

Who would defend a weak woman like me, against a powerful man?

Everybody was afraid to help me because they could have problems themselves. My enemies could do something against them. So, they preferred to ignore my pain and care about their own lives.

Nobody believed that they had the moral obligation to help a poor widow like me, who was also the mother of an orphan boy.

God told me that I had to bear all the attacks online because Satan was powerful. The anti-conscience of the entire world was against me, since I was trying to put an end to craziness and terror and our world is ruled by terror, violence, immorality, and greed.

I had to be patient and face all attacks with courage. They wouldn’t last forever, like the attacks of my anti-conscience when it was trying to imprison my conscience into the labyrinth of craziness.

God couldn’t protect me. I had to simply bear this crucifixion.

Justice on Earth is a fairy tale. You have to prove to the court and to the judge that someone else is guilty, otherwise this person must be considered innocent.

However, how can a poor person pay expensive lawyers to play with the laws on their behalf? And how can they be sure that their layers won’t accept money from their enemies to make them lose their causes?

Only poor people have to face our barbarous justice. Those who have money and rule the world commit many crimes without being discovered. Sometimes a powerful person is discovered after committing a crime, but this happens only because they have powerful enemies who want to put them in jail.

Most crimes remain uncovered forever in our living hell, and they are not only committed by millionaires. It’s very easy to kill someone and hide this fact in our crazy world because our world is ruled by Satan. In other words, our world is ruled by our wild conscience, since the anti-conscience controls everyone’s behavior on Earth.

Nobody fights the craziness imposed by their anti-conscience. Everybody accepts their anti-conscience’s evilness without criticizing their actions.

Nobody respects God’s teachings. Nobody believes in God’s existence. Nobody tries to find out the truth. Everyone in our world prefers to keep believing in lies, without investigating anything.

I told myself that it was better to be the victim of many demons than to be a demon myself. I accepted to patiently wait until all attacks would finally stop.

I had many reasons to be glad, besides all problems. My conscience was alive and clean. I became a doctor and I had already cured many people through dream translation. Everyone would imitate my example when everyone would understand that God’s existence and His messages in dreams represent our salvation from craziness and terror.

I didn’t mind having to pass through numerous crucifixions. I was very strong. I would prove to the world that the obedience to God’s guidance in dreams is the solution to all problems, no matter how many attacks I would have to bear.

I was very glad because I was not a murderer. I was only a victim.

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