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Is Money Really the Root of all Evil?

Is money really the root of all evil? This familiar quote “money is the root of all evil” rings true to you, right?

Perhaps not all of us hate money but for me, I detest money. Generally, everyone would think that money is a necessity. Yes, it is. In fact, we need it to buy our food, pay for our shelter and for other necessities in life. But however loathsome money can be we are required to have it.

Reasons why I detest money?

1. Money breeds hostility and greed. I remember the film “Missionary Man” here. A rich local businessman named Reno wants nothing to stand in the way of his plans to build a casino on an Indian reservation. Reno’s character portrays our human nature of insatiability, humans are not always satisfied. If we seem to have it all as manifested by material riches such as in real estate properties, acquired businesses, cars, fame, fortune and power we only crave for more even in the expense of the lives of others. Thus, our dark side and the monster in us grow. We do whatever it takes to get what we want, the evil way – in hostility. Rambler’s adage best describes this. “Eagerness for increase of possession deluges the soul, and we sink into the gulfs of insatiability.”

2. The desire to have more can bring about war and destruction. Massive acquisition of power, properties and people cause superpower nations to annihilate and begin wars.

3. It leads to envy. When we see people who are far richer than us and they can get and buy what they want, it means we are becoming envious of what they have that we can’t have.

4. Generates negative traits and acts of theft and robbery. One can only imagine what goes through a mind of a robber and what motivates a burglar to break-in a mansion.

5. Destroy family ties and break relationships among friends, colleagues, and love ones. More often than not, we observe that families get broken because of fiscal issues for either insufficient money is not produced to sustain the family. Friendships and business partnerships are torn for lack of responsibility in handling their money and support what they are accountable of such as in rental bills and business expenditures.

Truly, we desire and yearn to acquire to have more money in this object-oriented world brought about by consumerism. Money can be the root of all evil if one’s intention is primarily directed to one’s self. But when one is aware and conscious of all his actions and even his thoughts including his desire, intention or goal and can manage his money wisely and handle it for a good purpose, it does not become evil. Lead yourself in dealing with your money in a positive manner towards your happiness and peace of mind.

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